Lollipop SRL is an unique Company in the candy business.

We are a company that offers original, high quality products, aiming to meet the needs of our costumers. We create our own products, and often place them first in the market without following the trends of the large distributors. Our ideas give you the opportunity to amaze and surprise your clients with the eye catching products and colorful packaging. Select your area of interest from the menu on the right.

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Follow us on a virtual visit
of our LOLLIPOP shops.
With these images take a colorful and delicious adventure to see in reality what makes us unique in the confectionary world.

Our catalogue has the images and descriptions of all of our wholesale products, like lollipops, marshmallow creations and bulk candy, all under the brand LOLLIPOP.

Our E-Commerce website is dedicated to our retail customers and trade customers, where they
can discover those special candy details for parties, events and celebrations.

We are delighted to propose our range of lollipops and sweets that can be personalized for your business, with your logo or promotional phrase. They are ideal to use as promotional gadgets or gifts for a celebration or event. What’s more you can match your product to the color and flavor you prefer. Discover more

lecca lecca marshmallow
sopratorta matrimonio

Our LOLLIPOP CANDY MIX is a modern system of bins for bulk candy that provides the best requirements and features on the market. The material of the bins that are usually suggested show obvious signs of wear, cracks, scratches, and missing components. Our bins however have unique and necessary features such as top filling, extractable sugar trays and ingredient pockets. They are also importantly strong and solid, and they will guarantee practical and profitable performance that lasts over time.

The LOLLIPOP CANDY MIX is available exclusively for shops that operate in the foos industry.

Further informations

We are also a specialist CO-PACKAGING COMPANY. Using our experience in the confectionery industry, we can design and propose high quality ideas of hand packaging sweets goods. Our expert and dynamic team will take care of all the stages of your project. If you like the products in our catalogue, but you want your brand to be the “star”, we also provide a fast and low minimum order quantity ‘PRIVATE LABEL’. We are already suppliers of packaged goods in France, Switzerland, Poland, Slovenia and currently our largest client in the USA. Further information